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Crowdfunding for the Zoology collection

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Help the Lost Collection Find Its Way Home!

The Pierre and Marie Curie University Foundation has launched a fundraising campaign “Lost in the University” on Ulule to finance the rehousing of the UPMC zoological collection, which was forced to relocate during the renovation of the Jussieu campus. The new premises need renovation costing € 15,000.


The UPMC Zoology Collection is an amazing community of wild animals, fish, monkeys and birds of all kinds, installed on campus for more than 150 years. Many thousands of anatomical parts and animals have been carefully preserved in this unique collection, making it an excellent educational tool for the study of animals and their anatomy. They are an obvious scientific heritage and wealth for students, researchers and the general public. Over the past 30 years, more than 50,000 students have examined these pieces acquired from Parisian naturalists merchants in the nineteenth century.


The funding for the “Lost Animals” collection will provide two new showrooms and workshops for education and research. This new exhibition space will offer the future generations of students—as well as the general public—continued access and help to generate interest in the general public.


Help fund a new home for the zoology collection "Lost in the University" (in French)Nouvelle fenêtre