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Culture policiy


UPMC has a true cultural development policy that is in line with its teaching and research objectives, thus contributing to making the university a place of innovation, creativity and shared knowledge.


Demonstrating the reality of ‘living science, past, present and future’, helping the general public to improve its understanding of the world and learn about scientific challenges, responding to social concerns and increasing people’s interest in science as well as allowing for cultural exchange, which is a factor in personal development – such are the issues involved in the cultural policy of the university. Its implementation, which is the responsibility of the Cultural Office, is part of a comprehensive procedure involving most of the university community and is based on a large number of partnerships. In this way, it combines different types of skills to create diversified and open artistic and scientific programmes intended for all and which encourage the crossing of different kinds of disciplines and people.


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Previous four-year contracts have already prepared UPMC for becoming a major, independent and responsible participant in the world of knowledge. Exercising the autonomy that the new law brings includes defining an authentic institutional policy in terms of teaching, research and professional integration into employment. The university must thus be an important player in both the field of teaching and research as well as culturally.


For this, UPMC is planning to become even more active in spreading scientific and medical culture and to position itself as a place where science is cultivated, grounding itself particularly on its tangible and intangible heritage. Cultural programmes and public debates will be encouraged and, in this regard, the multi-disciplinary framework of Paris-Universitas will be a valuable asset. 


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