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Student life

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Dominique Merle - Student Life Department (DVE; Direction de la Vie Etudiante):
Tel. : +33 (0)144 27 33 02
Odile Bichet - Registrar's Office (Scolarité centrale):
Tel. : +33 (0)144 27 58 09
Catherine Carillion - Student Initiative Service (Service de l'initiative étudiante):
Tel. : +33 (0)144 27 23 96
Hélène Robin - Student Support Service (Service de l'appui aux étudiants):
Tel. +33 (0)144 27 36 39
Fabienne Corre Menguy - Disability Support Service (Relais Handicap Santé):

Tel. +33 (0)144 27 22 42
Dr Christian Regnier - University Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion Service (SUMPPS; Service Universitaire de Médecine Préventive et de Promotion de la Santé):
Tel. +33 (0)140 51 10 00

Student life

On arriving at UPMC, you join a university community of over 40,000 people, composed of 5 600 teacher-researchers and researchers, 4 400 staff and 31 000 students, including 6 000 international students.

While the university is, above all, a place of study and work, your timetable leaves you a great deal of freedom.  This is a unique opportunity to join an association and get involved in the university.  You can join one of the existing associations, but if you wish, you can create your own!

Student representation is also student involvement in the various democratic bodies that govern the university.  The elected students and the student vice-president are your voice and continuously work toward improving your living conditions at UPMC. This civic engagement is essential; so, are you ready?

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Orientation Week

The transition from high school to university is, for many, a memorable moment, though the memories may not only be fond ones. Adapting to a new way of lifestyle is not easy. To have a good chance of succeeding, students must familiarise themselves as quickly as possible with their new work and living ...

Project Rooms for Student Use

UPMC makes project rooms available for students from Monday, 13 October between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.; Mondays and Tuesdays: rooms J3, J4 and J5 - Patio 44/55

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays: rooms J23, J27 and J28 - Patio 33/44